Saturday, August 28, 2010

What the Muslin Has Doing

I can't say that I approve of everything they do at this Wonkette "website," but I was pleased to find this link to the eloquent words of so many White God Fearing AMERICANS.  Americans like Mr. Cunningham, who has apparently been robbed of his clothing, tattooed against his will and has been given a last drink and cigarette before he is forced to walk the plank by Islamofascist Communist Socialist Communists.

Do not go easy into that briny deep, soldier, but know that your blood and sweat has not been waisted.  Your people freedom will be safe as long as there are people like me in this country.  I will never let that Muslin Obama fold to the terrorists who want to build the mosk in Ground Zero.

So thank you for thanking me by killing brown people.  You're welcome.


  1. funny how Obama is in charge of municipal land use issues. I guess he controls everything! (evil laugh)

  2. If he ever slapped me, I'd just have to slap him back twice as hard. If he ever tried to kiss me, I'd kiss him three times as long.
    So watch out, you scurvy bastard. I give better than I take.